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Seaweed Art Cards
  • Materials:

    • Heart-shaped baking tin
    • Plastic bowl or container that is wider than your baking tin and about 2″ deep.
    • One cup sand
    • One-half cup water
    • Candle wick
    • Small metal washer
    • Wax
    • Candle dyes or crayons for color
    • Candle scent (optional)
    • Double boiler (Note: You can melt wax in the microwave or in a tin can in a shallow pan of water over low heat. Add color and scent after wax is melted.)
    • Newspaper
    • Scissors

    Fill bowl with sand and water. Press bottom of heart tin into wet sand.  Pull out leaving a heart shape. If the sides fall in, press tin in again and add some more water to sand. Tie wick to washer and place in center of the sand-shaped heart. Tie other end of wick onto a pencil and set on top of container. Make sure wick is taut. Pour melted wax into the heart-shaped hole in the sand. Position wick so it is in the center. Let wax harden and cool, about 45 minutes. Carefully lift heart candle from container and place on newspapers. Trim wick with scissors.

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  • Let your children use their imaginations on this one. This is a very creative activity.

    3 pounds paraffin cut into chunks
    Crayon bits for color (optional)
    Small beads, sparkles and sequins
    Drying rack (use a laundry rack or wire hanger and clothespins).
    Large container filled with water for water bath.
    Cotton cloth
    Aluminum foil
    To melt wax you will need a coffee can and a deep saucepan. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Materials needed:

    Seashells like scallops, conch and clam because they are deep enough to fill with wax.

    Paraffin wax or old candles

    Candle dyes

    Scents (optional)

    Double boiler or 2 pots that fit inside each other

    Candle wicks

    Metal wick holders

    Wooden spoon

    Pencil or small stick


    First, soak the seashells in a mild solution of bleach and water and scrub gently with a sponge. Let dry. Next, melt the wax in the double boiler and add some color. Stir to mix. You may want to use corals or sea foam greens to compliment the seashells. Cut a piece of wick the desired length and attach to the wick holder. Pour a drop of wax into the shell and place wick and wick holder on top. Let it dry a bit. This will secure the wick and keep it from floating to the top when you pour the rest of the wax. Then pour the wax to just below the top. Wrap wick around the pencil and let it rest on top. When wax is hardened, remove wick from pencil and trim.

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  •  Here’s a clever and fun way to keep a record of your child’s footprint.

     Materials needed:

    Plaster of Paris

    Small bucket

    Sea water

    Wooden spoon for stirring

    String or wire for hanging

    First, choose a site on the beach to cast your footprint molds. The harder, moister sand near the ocean’s edge is best. Have your child walk across the sand to make deep indentations. They should be about 2 inches deep. Next, mix the plaster in the bucket  following  the directions. It should have a creamy consistency. Pour into the molds and let dry about 20-25 minutes. If you would like to hang your footprints, take a string or wire about 4 inches long, fold it in half and tie a knot about an inch from the bottom. As your footprints art drying, gently press the knotted end about 1 inch from the top of the foot.  To remove the footprints from the sand, gently dig out from underneath and let dry in the sun.

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