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  • Summer School Can Be Fun

    Now that summer is here it is likely that your children are looking for a break from school, homework and the accompanying lesson plans that go along with them. I know my children always enjoyed less structured activities like hanging out at the beach, taking swimming lessons or playing soccer at the park. ¬†Although a children’s summer full of culturally rich and educational activities like camps, trips to the museum and family vacations can be very rewarding and intellectually stimulating, studies show that children run the risk of forgetting material and losing academic continuity on the long summer break from school.

    I noticed with my own children that third grade was a pivotal year in learning since that was the age when children bridge the gap between “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. This was particularly prevalent in the area of math, which is why I always felt the need to supplement my kids learning. I used the¬†Third Grade Math Worksheets that are available from Scholastic. I also focused on my children’s reading. In addition to joining the summer reading program at the local library and reading to my children, I utilized the Scholastic reading comprehension worksheets. I made it a game with my girls since they loved to play school and I let them choose the times they wanted to work on them.

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