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  • Make Sure You Get Good Deals on Auto Repairs

    In today’s trying economic times, there is nothing more exasperating than feeling like you got overcharged for something. We all need to pinch our pennies and when unexpected, or even planned expenses come up, like auto repairs, it is nice to be reassured that you are at least getting the best value for your dollar.

    I drive a late model Suburban (I know, a gas hog, but with five kids I need a big car.) that is nearing its 140,000 mile check up. So, I looked online to see how much I should be paying for that and I found anĀ auto repair estimator that gave me an unbiased price range for what it would cost for a tuneup. Now I feel like I can shop around with confidence. That’s not all. helps you locate an auto repair shop or dealer near you.

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