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  • Homemade birthday party hats

    Planning a birthday party at home and stuck for an idea for a theme? How about having a “crafts party”? Begin your party by having the children decorate their own party hats.

    Plain cardboard party hats
    Decorations like sequins, beads, jewels and stickers
    Markers or crayons
    Ribbons, long fabric strips and lace (optional)

    Give each child a hat, some glue and an assortment of decorations. Watch them have fun using whatever materials are available to make really inventive, creative hats. It is a good idea to write each child’s name inside the hats so there aren’t any mix-ups. If you cannot find plain party hats you can always improvise with oak tag (available at art and crafts stores). Older children can cut out their own hats either cone-shaped ones, crowns or tiaras.

    Published on May 17, 2010 · Filed under: 5-9 year olds, Birthday party ideas, Pre-school; Tagged as:
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