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  • Paper Airplane, Helicopter and Parachute

    It’s amazing what you can do with paper and few other household items. You can make projects that fly, float and spin through the air.

    Regular notebook paper
    Large paper clip
    Handkerchief or square piece of fabric
    Pipe cleaner or twist-tie
    Light weight small toy
    Crayons, markers or water-based fabric pain

    Paper Airplane

    Fold a piece of paper in half. Then fold down the corners as shown.  Fold the paper in half again. Then fold each side down to the center point.  When you fold down the two sides you make the wings of the airplane. (fig. D.) Put a small piece of tape across the wings to hold your plane together. If you choose, you can decorate your plane with crayons or markers. Happy flying!

    Paper Helicopter

    Cut a piece of paper into two rectangles 2-inches by 8 1/2-inches. Follow the diagram and make the three cuts shown with  scissors. Cut #1 will be the helicopter blades. When you make that cut, fold the blades in opposite directions at the fold line. Cuts #2 and #3 will help you fold the bottom of your helicopter into thirds, as shown. When you have the folding done, fold up the bottom about 1/2 inch and use a large paper clip to hold it in place. Color the blades with crayons or markers. When you drop the helicopter, watch it twirl to the ground!


    Start with the a handkerchief or square piece of fabric.  If you like, your child can decorate it with markers or fabric paint. Cut four pieces of string each  exactly  4-inches in length. Tie each string to the four corners of the cloth. Tie the loose ends of the strings to a small loop made from the pipe cleaner or twist-tie. Cut another short length of string, tie it to the bottom of the loop, and tie a small lightweight toy to the other end. Drop the parachute from a high spot, like a stairwell, or throw it up in the air and watch it float to the ground!

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