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  • Heart-shaped Crayons and Soap

    If your child wants to exchange valentines at school and you don’t want to give candy, here are some simple alternatives that are quick and easy to make.

    Materials for crayons:

    • Heart-shaped candy molds available at craft stores.
    • Old, broken crayons
    • Small glass jars like baby food to melt crayons in microwave. You can also place jars in pans of water on stove over low heat.

    A few hours before you begin, place crayons in a bucket of cool water. Left to soak, the crayons should be easy to peel. Small children love this task. Sort crayons by color and place in glass jars. Melt in microwave or on stove. Let cool slightly and pour into molds. Once completely cooled, the heart-shaped crayons should pop right out. You may want to attach a note to the recipients letting them know the hearts are not candy.

    To make the heart-shaped soaps follow the above instructions substituting glycerin soap for the crayons. I purchase inexpensive glycerin soaps at the grocery store and melt them in the microwave.

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