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Seaweed Art Cards
  • 3-D Heart

    This makes a great Valentine room decoration. Use extra long yarn and hang them from your child’s bedroom ceiling.

    6 pieces of construction paper, 3 pink and 3 red
    3″ piece of yarn

    Cut 5 identical hearts from the pink paper. You can draw then free hand or trace a cookie cutter. Just make sure they are all the same size. Stack them one on top of the other; then glue the yarn along the center fold of the top heart, leaving the extra yarn on the top for hanging. Staple along the center fold of all five hearts. The staples should be in line with the string. Fold over half of each heart so that the hearts fan out. Next, from the red paper, cut out 5 smaller hearts about half the size of the larger hearts. Glue them inside each of the “pages” of the larger hearts.

    Published on January 17, 2010 · Filed under: 10-13 year olds, 5-9 year olds, Seasonal/Holiday, Valentine's Day; Tagged as:
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