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Seaweed Art Cards
  • Corn Husk Dolls

    This Native American craft is a sure hit with children and will keep them occupied before or after dinner.
    Corn husks, available at craft stores or use the corn you eat for dinner
    Large bowl of warm water
    Twine or rubber bands
    Construction paper

    Soak the corn husks in warm water for about an hour or until they become soft. To form the head, gather several damp husks together, fold in half  crosswise, and tie them about 1/2 inch from the top of the folded end. To make the arms, tightly roll up a single husk and secure at either end. Place under the head and tie underneath the arms at the waist. To fashion a skirt, arrange husks evenly under waist. For pants, divide in half from the bottom and tie at the bottom of each leg. Now you can make outfits for your dolls with the construction paper. Draw faces with the markers and glue on braided twine hairdos.

    Published on November 3, 2009 · Filed under: 10-13 year olds, 5-9 year olds, All ages., Autumn/Fall, Pre-school, Seasonal/Holiday, Thanksgiving; Tagged as:
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